So proud of this movie and to be the first to bring #Bloodshot to life. It’s a role that’s both strong and vulnerable and working on this was an experience unlike any other. Thank you Sony for getting it to the global audience that can’t get to the theater. Check it out now at home on Digital!…

So proud of this movie and to be the first to bring #Bloodshot 🔴 to life. It’s a role that’s both strong and vulnerable and working on this was an experience unlike any other. Thank you Sony for getting it to the global audience that can’t get to the theater. Check it out now at home on Digital!



361 thoughts on “So proud of this movie and to be the first to bring #Bloodshot to life. It’s a role that’s both strong and vulnerable and working on this was an experience unlike any other. Thank you Sony for getting it to the global audience that can’t get to the theater. Check it out now at home on Digital!…”

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